Saturday, October 1, 2011

Divine Intervention

So I recently started a devotional on my phone that was related to DEBT. I thought it was a pretty solid place to start due to the fact that I have been feeling very overwhelmed by money lately (or lack thereof). So as I'm reading all of my passages, I'm secretly thinking about my own debt in the back of my head, and I got to really thinking you know what... its not so bad. I'm 24, I own a house, 2 cars, and everything is going to be great. Enter phone call in the morning on Thursday from Jen. "Hey your car is making a really bad noise... like a grinding metally type maybe fan needing oiled sound." Well that is enough to make anyone sit and wonder what is wrong, but I cannot diagnose anything over the phone even with the oh-so-vivid description of the sound. Then she proceeded to tell me that she really felt that at any moment the car would die, and there it goes... DEAD. She had just gotten into a parking spot luckily, but the car would not start. There is a loss for words to describe what I was feeling, but I assure you that anger and worry were primary. I called my good buddy Justin who helps me out a lot with car stuff and talked to him, and we decided after work we would head out and see what the deal was. So after work, I headed home and Justin met me at my house and we rolled out to the car. I got in and it started right up, but had a TERRIBLE knocking sound and Justin looked at me and just shook his head. So we decided the best bet was going to be for us to come back the next day, tow it to a mechanic, and let them see what the deal was. So we did, and they still havn't gotten back to me, but the owner of the shop told me it did not look good. So I've spent the better part of the day working on Jen's car with Justin, and we're trying to get it up and going. Things are going well and we are just waiting on the rotors to be finished at O'Riley's and then we can put everything back together. Alas, I digress from my original intentions... talking about debt. So my theory of how not too bad off I was is out the door based on my assumptions of what made it seem like I was fine, the fact of owning two cars. But taking this to God, I realized that I am beyond rich due to the fact of the debt of mine that was erased by Jesus. So I'm going to hold my head high regardless of what comes, realize I have a great partner to walk through life with, great friends surrounding me, and a God who is merciful and amazing. So don't feel bad or feel like saying "Oh bummer, that sucks man" because I'm all right with it all at this moment, and if people start feeling bad for me it will make me want to feel bad for myself. I want to take time out to bid a farewell to a car that has been a friend and companion since I was 16. Whether the fix is easy and cheap, or not possible, this experience has opened my eyes to the realization that it is time to move on. Advice is not needed, condolences are not required, but prayers for wisdom in future choices would be much appreciated. Thanks.