Sunday, January 29, 2012

What the...

Ok, so yes it has been a long time, but who cares. It happens. I've been very busy lately and honestly just don't think about spreading my brain all over a page all the time, but I do want to get back involved with this because its nice to get things out there. So anyway a brief update since last post. My car is officially gone, it was a rod knock that would have cost nearly 5 grand to rebuild the engine, and it just wasn't going to be worth it for a 10 year old car. After a lot of the car sitting in front of my house with me wondering what to do about it... Jen and I decided to really start looking for a new one. We had been talking for a good while about a Dodge Nitro, and had looked at several at the dealership I bought my Sebring from. As God would have it, we found basically the exact one we wanted for the exact price range we were looking for almost. I got to thinking and just decided it couldn't hurt but ask... so I mentioned my old car and talked about trade-in value. They said they wanted to see the car and such before they could make a decision and I said well I can't drive it here and I can't afford to tow it out here and possibly have to tow it back. So they thought about it and ran some numbers... came back and said we will give you $500 for it without seeing it and tow it at our expense and if its worth more we will cut you a check. I said deal, because honestly it needed to go. So we went forward with the Nitro purchase. Let me just say, Jen and I both LOVE this car. It's exactly what we wanted and it just was perfect timing for us. I'm a bit nervous because for the first time in my life I will have a car payment, but I know we'll be able to make it work. So there's that. Also, Jen and I have begun the first steps in the In Vitro process, so prayers there please. It happened at the time my job sent me out of town, naturally, and is an incredible burden on Jen and I can't wait to be able to start helping her more. So for upcoming events, be prepared for frustration, tears, stress, and all the good stuff. On a more positive note, last night I have officially had enough and am ready to take getting into shape seriously and to work on it very hard. I do not want to bring a child in this world to a father that is unable to take care of himself. It's just time. I need to get back in step with God... I have fallen and slipped and its always hard to get back up, but luckily we have the ability as long as we have the faith.

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